Meeting with Sun Flower Association Date 26th at 5:00- 7:00 Agenda:

1- Introduction of each other

2- Introduce each party

3-Needs support from SFA

4-Plan for cooperation in future

5-Others Results, three people from SFA, and two from CIPL and four from PIV. Two-SFA: Produce short film on education and train other youths to learn have to produce video to other provinces. Purpose of SF A’s 1- Siem Reap 2- Battambang 3- Kampot 4- Sihanouk and Phnom Penh. And may expend to other provinces base on reel need and resources. Two main mission: 1- Produce Video and 2- Training other youth. PIV: We have a dream to produce drama in our language, to produce video in education and advocacy.

3- Provide training basic on camera – Learn how to draw shots – Story writing base on type of story need to produce – Edit Video – Training on computer to edit video , captures image or footage from camera to computer 4- Plan Team from Ratanakiri will discuss on this more among their team and after that start making a simple plan for implementing with SFA.

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