As an indigenous person and the first Executive Director of the newly established organization, Conserve Indigenous Peoples Languages (CIPL), I am very proud to be able to support my indigenous brothers and sisters.

At international level there is a lot of discussion about the rights of indigenous peoples. At the local level there is not a lot known about what should happen for indigenous peoples. Too often, the rights of indigenous communities are not fully respected. In order to advocate for these rights to be respected, indigenous peoples need information about their rights, information associated with any infringements of rights, and information that supports them to effectively advocate for their rights and culture to be respected.

This is especially important as indigenous people are increasingly impacted by external organizations which come to take their lands and natural resources. Therefore, it is essential that indigenous people have the ability to communicate, network, and advocate effectively to create a life of dignity where their rights and resources are respected.

I am proud to be able to support my people with information and media skills and the ability to communicate with each other and the broader Cambodian, regional and even global community. I believe this capacity is critical to our future. In order to undertake this task, Conserving Indigenous Peoples Languages needs to be strong and well-managed indigenous peoples’ NGO. The staff of Conserving Indigenous Peoples Languages are committed to building an effective support NGO that can help indigenous peoples in Ratanakiri achieve their vision for a more fair, equitable and meaningful life.

Mr Naung Sam Oueng

Executive Director