• CIPL’s Board of Directors (BOD) is a Governing Board of Directors which responsible in providing guidance and advises to the Management Team. The Board of Directors work closely with the Management Team to ensure that the organizational resources are used effectively and in line with CIPL’s vision, mission, purpose and contributing to achievement of organizational strategic objective in a transparency and accountability manner.
  • Management Team (MT) leaded by the Executive Director works closely with the Board of Directors in developing organizational strategies, policies, structure, and making decisions at the organizational level. MT also ensures that the organizational policies and strategies are implemented in a transparency and accountability manner.
  • Executive Director (ED) is generally responsible for all works of the CIPL. ED also ensure that all incomes and expenses are complied with organizational by-law and financial policy and procedures, and ensure that all organizational resources are used to implement planned organizational strategy and annual plan with regarding to their purposes.
  • Program Officer (PO) is responsible for the financial transparency and efficiency of the program. It is the PO’s responsibility to deter material misstatement or fraud by thoroughly reviewing submitted transactions. Besides, PO is responsible to ensure that budget is developed based on the real activities plan and monitor to the progress and utilization of fund according to the approved budget.
  • Admin and Finance Officer (AFO) is responsible for the overall administrative and financial works of CIPL; and ensure that there are enough financial information for management decision and financial reports are correct and submitted to donors on time. AFO also ensures that all financial records and financial transactions are correct and supported with enough and valid supporting documents.
  • Admin and Finance Assistant is responsible for custodian of finance assets and its related document, such as cash, passbook, and safe key, record the movement of petty cash in/out in cashbook and perform cash count and reconcile with AFO.
  • Staff is responsible to comply with stipulated policies and procedures and to help ensure value for money in all activities performed.

Governance Structure 2016-2019