Indigenous Peoples Vocice (I.P.V) Program is a single and core program of Conserves Indigenous Peoples Language Organization (CIPL),

which in this core program has three smaller projects under this program. One of the goals of this program is that the target community is able to access wider information from outside and coordinate the solidarity of communities in their communities. The projects under this program are: Organizational Development (OD) Project, Strengthen Community Participation Project and Community Media Project. Each of these projects will have targeted, activities, goals, term different and distinct.

CIPL came about after a UNDP program to research the information and media needs of indigenous peoples in southeast Asia. Research in Cambodia in 2010-2011 was done in a participatory way. It found that indigenous people were hugely disadvantaged and marginalized by lack of information (or too much information from sources wishing to undermine indigenous communities, without a balance of independent information). With women and elders, who had/have lower literacy in the national language, Khmer, were particularly marginalized and this affected overall community cohesion.